Gentlefile system

The safest
The easiest to use
The cheapest

język polski              This endodontic system pays off and it is a 2 in 1 device
it develops canals and activates rinsing liquids, and all at the same time

Do you ask yourself similar questions?
How to avoid breaking the instrument?
How to effectively rinse and disinfect channels?
How to reduce the time of surgery and at the same time increase the effectiveness of treatment?
How to work so as not to strain your hands and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome?
Which system will be profitable to use?

If you are bothered by some of the above questions, the Gentlefile system is just for you!
Here’s why:

• Files have a grinding surface, so they work freely and do not screw themselves into the canals.
• The files are made of steel, which gives them strength.
• Three‐layer construction of files, makes them extremely flexible.
• The micromotor is easy to use, it only has an on/off button.
• The system has a built‐in safety mechanism to prevent breakage of the instruments.
• The movement of the files activates the rinsing substances while working in the root canal.
• One file in the canal is working for 10–15 seconds only (!), And only 2–3 files are used to prepare the canal,
• The price of the micromotor is $ 265 (PLN 990), and the file is only $4,25 (PLN 15.50) / unit. (the instrument works effectively in 6–8 canals).

The key to success in endodontic treatment is in the ACTIVE IRRIGATION of canals

  • Gentlefile files work in 3D, because they are flexible and responsive to centrifugal forces.
  • The surface of Gentlefile files, grinds the canal walls, keeping tissues.
  • And the speed and rotational direction of the files, activates and ensures the circulation of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) in the root canals, spreading the fluid sideways, not deep into the canal, so there is no risk of pushing the fluid out of the apical hole.
  • And the speed and rotational direction of the files, activates and ensures the circulation of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) in the root canals, spreading the fluid sideways, not deep into the canal, so there is no risk of pushing fluid out of the tip opening.

Why is it safe to work with Gentlefile files?

files are flexible over their entire length, thanks to which they adapt to the shape of each canal,
delicate work of the files maintains the anatomic shape of the canal and gives  4% of taper,
• fixing the file in the contra‐angle handpiece has a built‐in safety mechanism to prevent file breakage,
files activate sodium hypochlorite while working in the root canal,
the non‐cutting tip of the file prevents the perforation of the tooth and the formation of step in the canal,
• the rotary motion of the files spreads the rinsing liquids to the sides and does not push the fluids through the tip.

Gentlefile’s intuitive endodontic micromotor:

  • operated by one on/off button (no additional settings),
  • light and wireless,
  • the speed is adjusted automatically (maximum 6,500 rpm)

Gentlefile multifunction contra angles/heads:

  • fasten the file only by pressing (without a “push” button), which allows equate the step,
  • activate a safety mechanism, high resistance in the canal will stop the file and prevent it from broken,
  • control the speed of the files, with a slight pressure on the file in the duct, they slow down the speed by about 10–15%,
  • heads are very efficient, because one head is used after about 50 patients (price of head $ 5/unit or PLN 18/unit).

Helpful endo clean organizer:

  • allows you to quickly activate rinsing fluids outside the canal,
    (the process is described by dentist Artur Wierciński, during the celture — film),
  • helps in cleaning Gentlefile files from dentin filings, extracted on the tool structure,
    (the process shows the recording — 1 minute, 27 seconds of the film)
  • all elements are sterilizable.

* to equalize the step, first put manually the Gentlefile file into the canal by turning the file clockwise, going below the step, then place the contra‐angle and turn on the micromotor
* the safety mechanism starts automatically when the file gets stuck in the canal, then the file is released from the contra‐angle handpiece and it must be manually removed from the canal by turning the file clockwise and taking it out of the canal
* there is no need to bend the files, because, apart from the up‐down motions, they rotate and find the canal light by themselves.

Przykłady przypadków klinicznych:


The “S” shaped canals have been cleared with K‐type hand files of sizes 10–15 and then developed with Gentlefile files.
Left canal: Gentlefile gray>blue.
Right canal: Gentlefile gray>blue> red.
Working with the Gentlefile system, it allowed to maintain the anatomical shape of the canal and allowed free filling with gutta‐percha with a 4% taper.
Case prepared by Dr. Igor Tsesis, DMD, Israel.


The ducts were opened with hand files type K size 08 and 10, and then developed with Gentlefile files: gray>blue>red.
Case prepared by Dr. Nachum J. Stone, DDS, Endodonta, Israel.


The “S” shaped canals in the apical part, as the last tool, were developed with the Gentlefile red file, while maintaining the anatomy of the canal.
Case prepared by Dr. Igor Tsesis, DMD, Israel.


They write about the Gentlefile system:
Evaluation of Time to Fracture and Vertical Forces Applied by a Novel Gentlefile System for Root Canal Preparation in Simulated Root Canals.pdf — comparison of Gentlefile, ProTaper Next and RevoS. An independent study was conducted by the magazine Journal of Endodontics.
Effectiveness of supplementary irrigant agitation with the Finisher GF Brush on the debridement of oval root canals instrumented with the Gentlefile or nickel titanium rotary instruments.pdf, an independent article International Endodontic Journal

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Detailed price list of Gentlefile

[tt_pricing thumbnail=“629” description=“micromotor with charger” price=”$ 268 gross” features=“GF-01-HP” periode=“1 pcs.”]
[tt_pricing thumbnail=“1403” description=“Gentlefile files” price=”$ 45 $ 42 gross” periode=“box includes 10 files” features=“GF-02”]
[tt_pricing thumbnail=“1409” description=“head of Gentlefile” price=”$ 5 gross” periode=“1 pcs.” features=“GF-03-H1”]
[tt_pricing thumbnail=“324” description=“endo clean organizer ” price=”$ 34 gross” periode=“3 containers and a rubber stand (optional purchase)” features=“GF-04-OR”]
[tt_pricing thumbnail=“1408” description=“Finisher — Gentlefile Brush” price=”$ 45 $ 42 gross” features=“GF-02–07” periode=“box contains 10 brushes”]
[tt_pricing thumbnail=“1405” title=“NiTi manual Gentlefile files, size 25” description=“NiTi manual Gentlefile files, size 25” price=”$ 45 $ 42 gross” features=“GF-02–08” periode=“box contains 10 files”]
[tt_pricing thumbnail=“1404” description=“NiTi manual Gentlefile files, size 17” price=”$ 45 $ 42 gross” features=“GF-02–09” periode=“box contains 10 files”]
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